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You can find more useful information and advice below:

  • Fire Safety for when out and about and general advice for in the home
  • Fire Safety for when you are out and about and general advice for when at home
  • Flooding - there are a number of things that you can do to prepare in advance and to minimise its effects and advice from the Environment Agency
  • Drought - how you can save water and advice for during a drought 
  • Heatwave - advice for staying cool during hot weather
  • Get ready for Winter - a range of advice to help you prepare for winter and take action when severe weather is forecast.
  • Burst water pipes - there is a free 24-hour Leakline to report burst water pipes to Thames Water on 0800 714 614.
    Alternatively you can report leaks via Twitter - @thameswater - using the #tweetaleak hash tag.


The United Kingdom (UK) will leave the European Union (EU) on 31 December 2020.

Leaving the EU means a number of changes that will affect businesses and individual citizens.

More information is available on 

Are you ready for emergencies?

The chances of you being caught up in a major incident or emergency are low. Nevertheless they do, and have, happened within Thames Valley.

You don’t panic when a light bulb goes out because you know how to replace it. Have you ever thought what you would do if you found yourself in a situation that was out of the ordinary? For example, if you were flooded by a burst water main, if you were evacuated from your home following a gas leak in your road or you were stuck in a traffic jam for several hours during a heat wave.

Being prepared in advance means that you will deal with the issue more effectively at the time. If you know what to do in advance then you are more likely to make the right choices - and it can be very easy to prepare a plan for your home and family.

To help you plan for emergencies the Thames Valley Local Resilience Forum have prepared a booklet "Are you ready?" that informs you of how you and your family can be better prepared.

Keeping informed during an emergency situation


If there is a major incident, and you are not in the immediate area, our advice is to follow a message that is recognised around the world: GO IN, STAY IN, TUNE IN.

Go home or go inside some other safe location, stay indoors and tune in to local radio or television news programmes for advice and information. Of course, there are always going to be particular occasions when you should not “go in” to a building, for example if there is a fire.

Tune in to your Local Radio Station
Local radio stations usually carry localised information which should be useful in an emergency. Here are some of the radio stations available in Thames Valley.:

Asian Star (Slough) 101.6
Banbury Sound 107.6
BBC Radio Berkshire 94.6, 95.4, 104.1, 104.4
BBC Oxford 95.2
BBC Three Counties 90.4, 92.1, 94.7, 95.5, 98.0, 103.8
Heart (Beds, Bucks & Herts) 97.6
Heart (MK) 103.3
Heart (Oxford) 97.4, 102.6
Heart (Berkshire) 87.0, 102.9
Jack FM 106.4, 106.8
Mix 96 96.2
Newbury Sound 105.6, 107.4
Oxford Glide 107.9 107.9
Reading 107 FM 107.0
Time FM 106.6
BBC Asian Network (MK) 630 AM
Gold (Bucks) 828 AM

It is always sensible to have checked that you know your local radio station and have a battery-powered or wind-up radio in the house to prepare for a range of emergencies, including power cuts and floods.


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