TVLRF SCG Coronavirus (Covid-19) Briefing – 3 April 2020

TVLRF SCG continues to work tirelessly to coordinate a combined response to the rapidly evolving Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and Oxfordshire.

Daily meetings are taking place at strategic and tactical levels, enabling senior officers, government officials, and those delivering frontline services, to share critical updates and information. We have also established working groups, which feed into the daily meetings, and focus on key areas such as local communities and social care. This meeting structure, with multi-agency participation, supports decision making on emerging issues which affect the public, and those who are working to keep our community safe.

Where there are local concerns that align with national issues, for example around the provision of suitable personal protective equipment and the number of care beds available for those in need, the TVLRF SCG is adding its voice, through the national reporting structure which feeds up to central Government.

The key message to people across Thames Valley currently echoes that issued by the Government. That is to stay home, protect the NHS, and help save lives.

Our key workers are supporting this message. Some may not physically be in offices, but they are still working, combining forces, and adapting their daily routines to provide support and identify new ways of ensuring our local communities receive the best possible service during these challenging times.

Some key workers do remain firmly at the frontline. Our doctors and nurses, police officers, firefighters, and care providers for example. These people are continuing to respond where they are needed. They have been joined by military personnel, who are this week supporting some of our ongoing local planning, delivering new personal protective equipment, supporting patient transport services, and delivering oxygen supplies to those in need.

Our job as the TVLRF SCG is to keep these people safe, so they can keep you safe. However, there are ways in which you can help too. We must all make every attempt possible to minimise the burden being placed on our frontline responders. Advice on how to keep yourselves safe is being shared by Thames Valley Police, your local healthcare providers and the fire and rescue services, supported by local Authorities. Please look out for this advice and follow it.

We understand there is a wealth of information out there at the moment, and across Thames Valley we are working to try and coordinate the messages from our local partners, to make it as easy as possible for the community to access the information they need about the services in their area.

We are using our social media channels and websites, and other forms of media such as leaflets and community networks where appropriate, to help deliver this information.

Please tap into these resources. If you are on social media, make sure you link into the official communication channels of your local service providers. Share this information with friends and family. If you know people who do not have access to social media accounts, share the information with them when you speak to them. Let them know what is being done in their area to help keep them safe.

We are working together to help target our activity directly to your needs. Please do your bit - stay at home and login to your local Authority for updates, alongside the national information available at